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"Things are not said, they do, because they say them alone"

Would you like to live an  international volunteering experience but do not know what steps to follow to realize your participation in a solidary project?

ACCIÓN BALEAR can help you! We are an organization specialized in organizing international volunteering programs and currently coordinate various projects in Europe and Africa.

Our international volunteer programs give you the opportunity to live a unique experience, know firsthand other realities and cultures, acquire and integrate new values â??â??in a solidary project on the ground. As a volunteer, you not only are going to "help" but rather go to "learn"; you will be part of the team, sharing their daily lives, their successes and the challenges faced by working with groups in situations of poverty, and/or social exclusion.

We offer different possibilities to participate in an international volunteering program, no matter the age or the profile you are, sure we help you find a project that suits your needs. Each and everyone can participate in an international volunteering program! Anyone can be a volunteer. All you need is motivation, sensitivity and willingness to collaborate and learn from the people within the community. There are many reasons to perform a voluntary work, no matter when you decide to live the experience, or what project you want to collaborate:

It will definitely bring you a lot!

Meet us

We are a non-profit organization based in Palma de Mallorca (Spain).

We work within the field of International Cooperation, Youth and Volunteering.

Our mission is to promote the mobility of people within the international field.

Our aim is to promote social awareness, through experience and through participation of volunteers in solidary projects on the ground.

What we do

  • We connect you with International Volunteering projects.
  • We help you in choosing a suitable project to your profile and interests.
  • We advise you throughout all the process.
  • We accompany you in your voluntary work.
  • But above all, we are part of your experience.

How we do it

  • Experience: We have also been volunteers, have worked for years in local and international projects. We know the needs of volunteers and we demand to all our projects cover them.
  • Security: We personally know all the projects we offer (outside EVS) and the staff responsible for them on the ground. We have lived as volunteers in each one of the projects, ensuring that all health and safety conditions are met.
  • Accreditation: Our organization has the necessary accreditation to access the European Voluntary Service (EVS) and ensure that its minimum standards of quality are met. We are accredited as a coordinating, sending and receiving organization with the reference number: 2016-1-ES02-KA110-007394.
  • Flexibility: We work with different international volunteering programs, so that anyone, at any time, can be part of one of our solidary projects.
  • Personalized Attention: We act as mentors of each of our volunteers, offering advice and assistance 24h during the development of the voluntary activity.
  • Training: To help you make the most of your experience, we offer a prior, free, accessible for all participants and tailored to the specific needs of each program, training.

Our manifesto

Our principles pervade our daily operation.

We want ACTION BALEAR is an organization:

  • Nonprofit.
  • Independent.
  • Transparent.
  • Secular.
  • Driving of networking with other organizations.
  • Committed awareness and social consciousness.
  • Responsible for the quality of our work.
  • Respectful with the environment.
  • Promoter analysis and critical thinking .

The team

Our team consists of 3 indispensable persons: Xavi, Maria Antonia and you (volunteer).

We are a multidisciplinary team with extensive experience in the field of volunteerism, both local and international, international cooperation and the scope of youth. For over 10 years we are working with international projects and traveling to different countries as volunteers.

Do you want to know each other better? Please, click on our photos!



Mª Antonia




Hello! I am a graduate in social work and have worked in the field of children and youth.

During these years, I have grown as a professional through my volunteerings, my education and my contact with young people, being very enriching all these experiences for me.

I am a person with enthusiasm, creativity and closeness, which complement with a high degree of responsibility to accompany you during your volunteer experience.


Hello! I am a graduate in social work and, as SW, I have worked with different groups (immigration, people living on the streets, prostitution, primary care, prison, women, drug dependence and disability).

I have carried out various personal volunteering projects in India, Nepal, Costa Rica, Edinburgh and Panama, where I studied a Master in International Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid. In my native Mallorca I have also worked as a volunteer in various community organizations.

I put tons of positive energy in all the projects I undertake. I am active and dynamic and I will pass my enthusiasm to meet the volunteer experience on you.


As a volunteer I have a lot of qualities that sometimes even I know I have.

I am a caring person with a great deliverability and commitment. I face volunteering with a positive attitude, with an open mind and, above all, with respect for others.

I want to live an international volunteer experience because I love to learn, share and enjoy new experiences. I consider it an extraordinary opportunity to meet new people, new cultures and realities and, why not, learn a new language.

Meet our volunteers



European Voluntary Service

What is EVS

The European Voluntary Service is a learning experience in the field of non-formal education that provides a unique opportunity to meet new people, different cultures, have greater social awareness and acquire new skills and capabilities that will be very useful for your personal and professional growth.

It is part of the European Program Erasmus+. This program aims to boost job prospects and personal development, and help our systems of education, training and youth to provide teaching and learning which provide people with the necessary skills for the labor market and today's society and future.

ACCIÓN BALEAR works as coordinating, sending and receiving organization within the European Voluntary Service.

For more information on the Erasmus+ Program and the European Voluntary Service we invite you to consult their website


What you should know

Click on the icons to know the characteristics of European Voluntary Service and access requirements. If your profile does not fit with this volunteering program, do not worry, keep watching our website because we have other options for you.

Who can participate

In the European Voluntary Service can participate young people between 17 and 30 years old residing in a participating country in the program. If you are over 30 years old you can participate in any of our projects of International Volunteering or Work Camps, but you can not join the European Voluntary Service.

Duration of EVS

The duration of the activity is from 2 to 12 months and you can only participate once in the program. So makes good use of your chance! If you participate in an EVS for 2 months, you can then complete the experience with another EVS during 10 more months.

Repayments and charges

Almost 100% of travel costs (fixed fees for kilometers) are reimbursed, accommodation expenses are covered and food allowance is provided. You also have a medical insurance throughout the activity.

Unpaid work

It is an unpaid and non-profit activity; although monthly pocket money for your personal expenses is allocated (between 80€ and 150€, depending on the country).

Full time

It is a full time activty for the benefit of the host community. The activity takes place during 37 hours spread over 5 days a week (weekends off). Also you have holidays: 2,5 days per month of activity.

Training and language support

Training and language support is received. There is not a requirement to know a specific language, but the European Voluntary Service is not a language course, so it should not be the goal of this experience.

You get a Youthpass

Your learning is recognized by obtaining a Youthpass after completing the activity. Youthpass is a certificate which are reflected all the skills and knowledge you have acquired during your European Voluntary Service. You can attach it to your CV as it is recognized at European level.

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Your EVS project


If you live in a European country and you want to live your European Voluntary Service in our community, just go to our PROJECTS section and see the icon of the Balearic Islands; there you will find all the available possibilities.




If you live in Spain and want to live an experience of European Voluntary Service, just step: CONTACT US! We will explain you what the EVS is, we will resolve all your questions and advise you on everything you need to join the project.



International Volunteering


The International Volunteering is a volunteer experience made outside your country of residence within the field of international cooperation. This program is aimed at people over 18 years old. No matter your nationality or how old you are, everyone is welcome!

Joining an international volunteer experience will allow you to live a caring, unique and immensely enriching life experience that will change your way of understanding the world.

But above all, you will experience a lot of adventures and unimaginable experiences!


Currently, projects we collaborate with are located in Morocco, in the cities of Rabat, Marrakech and Essaouira. In the projects section, you will find an information sheet for each available project as well as a document with frequent questions about the International Volunteering.

Our team, personally knows all the projects we collaborate with and maintain constant communication with them, so we know firsthand what their needs as well as the right profile of volunteering. Each project establishes the activities to develop and minimum stay required for volunteers.

People who participate in our International Volunteering projects are integrated as part of the team and act as volunteers, providing support to project staff. Apart from the specific functions of each project, we offer the opportunity to carry out a personal project with which to implement the knowledge acquired during the activity.

Work camps


Have you heard about Work Camps? Fear not, are not hard labor!

Work Camps is an activity in which a group of young people between 18 and 35 years and of different nationalities, undertake voluntarily and selflessly to develop, for 2 or 4 weeks during the summer (July, August or September ), a work of social projection, combined with complementary leisure activities.

It can be a great opportunity to help a community in need and to carry out a major project to have a positive impact for people. These projects offer the opportunity to see new places and forms of culture, make new friends, to share experiences, to collaborate with other young people from different countries and realities and to live a super fun experience.


Currently, Work Camps we collaborate with are located in Morocco, in the cities of Tangier-Tetuan, Marrakech, Rabat and Essaouira. In the projects section, you'll find an information sheet for each available Work Camp as well as a document with frequently asked questions about participation.

All our Work Camps are directed and coordinated by local Camp Leaders, with extensive experience. Our team knows them personally and they are cheerful young, professional and highly motivated and involved with the volunteers participating in the projects.

I want to join

Steps to live a great adventure

There's a suitable project for each person!

If you want to participate in one International Volunteering project or in a Work Camp, just click on the icons and we will explain you step by step how to be part of this experience.

Contact us so we help you in choosing an appropriate project to your profile and interests for getting involved.

Complete the application form.

Sign the Volunteer Agreement (document where the rights and duties of each party are specified).

Pay the 30% of the total cost of the program in order to make effective your reservation.

Send us a copy of your airline ticket and your travel insurance.

Conduct the specific training of the Program.

Pay the remaining 70% of the total cost of the program.

Receive by email the information about your trip and stay.

Share your experiences on our Blog.

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What you should know


The next video reflects the experience of four volunteers who are carrying out their International Volunteering experience in Morocco. They are from different countries and different ages and collaborate on different projects, but they are united by the enthusiasm and desire to learn and collaborate in an international project.

We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed recording it!


Do not hesitate to consult our Projects and Experiences!


International Projects


Work camps






Know more about the experiences


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