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19 JULIO 2016

Getting familiar with Mallorca


July 11th – July 17th


Welcome back! After an eventful first week in Palma we started Monday in the office. Firstly we had a meeting with a girl, who was interested in EVS. Later we had our first Acción Balear meeting (reunion), where we discussed every detail of our EVS. In the afternoon we went to search for avarcas menorquinas, traditional sandals that a locals like to wear in hot weather.


On Tuesday we went to ABDEM (Associació Balear d'Esclerosi Múltiple). It's an organization that helps people who were diagnosed with sclerosis multiplex, or similar neurological diseases. Another great organization with a great cause. After the meeting we went to the University of the Balearic Islands (UIB) to get some information about language courses.

For lunch I cooked some pasta following Pier's recipe and it was not only simple, but it ended up as a tasty meal. That means that I will have to learn a couple of other ways to make pasta from my Italian roommate. Fortunately the two of us get along really well so far.

In the evening we went to check out Ruta Martiana, a weekly neighborhood bar crawl in Palma on Tuesdays. A lot of pubs, bars and restaurants participate and you can grab a tapa with a cana of beer for 2.5 €.


After a not so exciting Wednesday - which mainly included being in the office and writing my first blog post – on Thursday we went to visit Naüm in Son Roca. Naüm is working for the young people of the area to prevent them from social exclusion, accompanying them in their personal growth and social development. For example during summer they function as a summer school, offering activities for children. The older kids can also learn professions there. At Naüm we also met with a young lad, who wants to participate in an EVS, so Xavi told him every information he needs to know and how to apply.

Then we returned to the office and 3 of us – Maria Antonia, Pier and me – applied for the Erasmus+ EVS 20th Anniversary Event which will be held in Paris in September. Approximately a month from now we will find out, if we can go there, or not.

After work we tried a hamburger place called Alaska and despite their good rating on Facebook we were not impressed. But hey, at least I ate my most depressing hot dog ever, so that's something.


We started Friday with some Spanish learning and we stayed in our apartment until we decided to walk all the way to Porto Pi. (The picture up top was taken on the way to Porto Pi.) Near a closed off military area we found a walking path with a great view. And we also saw some donkeys on the property of the San Carlo Historical-Military Museum (Museo Histórico Militar de San Carlos). The museum was closed then, but I want to visit it another time.


The view close from the museum


Saturday – and in fact Sunday too – also started with some Spanish learning. But in the evening we got on a bus and went to Palmanova. The beach looked amazing there, but we didn't stay. Pier wanted to check out Magaluf as well. The famous/notorious place full of – mainly British – tourists. The black sheep of the “Mallorca family”. After hearing about this place, I didn't expected much. But to be fair the beach was very nice. It's different from the rest of Mallorca I have experienced so far. Everywhere you go you hear people speaking in English, every sign you see is in English. If you want to see the authentic Mallorca, you should probably avoid this place. After staying on the beach for a few hours, we went back to Palma, so I can't comment on the nightlife of Magaluf, but after hearing some stories I feel like one day we will have to go back for some research. I'm curious, but I'm not looking forward to it, to be honest.


Palmanova beach


On Sunday my main goal was to get a new pair of swimming shorts and also to find a shop to buy avarcas menorquinas from. I managed to achieve the first goal, but unfortunately the shoe shop was closed, so we will have to go back there. In Spain most shops are not open on Sundays, so make sure you do your grocery shopping on another day.

We didn't do a whole lot more on this day, but we watched a video of the Canamunt vs Canavall water fight, which is basically a fun battle recreation with a yellow and a red team, that are using water guns and water bombs against each other. It looks epic, can't wait to go there.


But that's it for this post, thanks for reading, I will be back next week!


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