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16 AGOSTO 2016

The island of sunshine


August 4th – August 15th


Welcome back! After last week's double post I'm trying to get back to the normal order of things and write about all the happenings of last week (and a few extra days).


After coming back from the on-arrival training, the first few days in Palma were quite strange and it took a little while for me to get used to our “old” life. But the fun weekend we had definitely helped.


On Saturday (August 6th) Pier and me spent most of the day in the city center as we were looking for avarcas. After we visited multiple stores, I finally found the right pair of sandals. And I also replaced my sunglasses, because my old pair were getting close to fall apart and you can't really exist in Palma without sunglasses.

After hours of walking we stopped at Mariola's Bakery to drink something. I picked a vanilla frappé and it was delicious. Next time I'm there I will have to try a few other goodies. It's going to be damn difficult to choose from all the cakes, cupcakes, milkshakes you can get.

While we were enjoying the place, I also got a half of bottle sunscreen from a very nice British girl, who offered it to us because she didn't want to throw it away before flying home. So thanks again British girl, me and my skin appreciate it. :)


With Mariola in her bakery


The day after we had only thing we wanted to do and it was to visit beach Cala Mayor. So we did. And it looks like this:


With Pier and Cala Mayor as background


On Tuesday we had meeting with Xavi and we discussed what we will work on in August and some ideas for the future.


At the night of Wednesday (August 10th) we went to check out Café L'Antiquari. On Wednesdays a Spanish language class in being held there and after it ends you can chat with the people in the bar, who all go there to learn or practice a language other than their own.

For example me and Pier met Spanish, Argentinian, Italian, American and Lithuanian chicas and chicos who went there to practice a little English/Spanish while having a beer. It was a very interesting experience, where we talked a lot about our jobs in the hospitality industry and also met 2 firefighter pilots, who told us everything about their job. So now I am well aware that it's nearly impossible to be cooler than a firefighter pilot.


Thursday was a very important day in our life, because we went to IKEA with Maria Antonia and Xavi and we bought a lot of necessary stuff for the apartment (mainly the kitchen). For me and Pier this was just as big as Christmas for kids. We were browsing the IKEA website for hours and made a long list of the things we wanted in the piso. This shopping trip to IKEA didn't just make us very-very happy to be able to cook and bake, but our life quality jumped to new level as well.

In the evening we participated in a tour in Consolat del Mar. Beautiful place, definitely worth a visit if you have the opportunity, but be prepared that the tour leader will speak in either Spanish or Catalan.


Inside the Consolat del Mar


On Friday (August 12th) we bought our t-shirts for the the upcoming Canamunt – Canavall water battle and we also got a Palma flag to decorate our living room.


We used the 2 days of weekend mainly to rest and I also worked a little bit, after I wasn't able to do that on Friday, when we didn't have Wi-Fi in the apartment. Saturday afternoon we went to Three Lions Pub , one of the few pubs on Paseo Maritimo where you can watch Premier League games. Multiple TVs, a fairly big projector screen, good service, acceptable prices and the place has a nice, old-school movie theater feeling. We will certainly be back there in the next few months.


Monday was a holiday in Spain, so we used the day to get on a bus and go to Es Trenc, which is one of the most beautiful beaches of Mallorca. According to others, I haven't been to enough beaches yet to make that statement. But I can assure you that it is fantastic and also very big. Illetas is still #1 for me, because it's gorgeous and it's only a quick bus ride away from the center of Palma. But that playa is tiny compared to Es Trenc, so with a group of people I would rather choose the latter, even though it's more than an hour of bus ride away.


Es Trenc


And that's all for today's post. I will be back next week with all the happenings. See you then!



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