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23 AGOSTO 2016

"The Hungary special"


August 16th - August 21st


Welcome! 48 days have gone by since my arrival to Palma, which means that using “Week 6” as the title would be really inaccurate, so from now on I will just call these “Parts” of my blog. Warning: due to a quite uneventful week, this post kind of became a special, Hungarian edition. But no need to worry, next week I will be back with more information about Palma. :)


After Monday that was a holiday here in Spain, our proper workweek started on Tuesday in the office, followed by a Wednesday when Pier and me were working from home, because Xavi and Maria Antonia had some things to do out of the office.


At home I spent most of my time working on the Blog Guide that I got as a task for this month. We also spent some time barinstorming with Pier about the other, big Guide, which is our main task for this year. According to our plans it will include every important information that a future EVS volunteer - and basically everyone who visits this place for the first time - could possibly need to know. And that's why exploring Palma and the rest of Mallorca is so crucial for us. Other than thinking about the Guide we also try to help Xavi by searching for EVS opportunities that are available for youngsters who live in Spain.


I can't recall if I mentioned this before, but on Fridays we always work from home, meaning that this week we only spent 2 days in the office, so this workweek felt really short. Luckily I'm progressing really well with the Blog Guide and it's already halfway done.


Also on Friday, late in the afternoon I finally managed to make lángos at home. The most well-known thing about Hungary is that our capital is Budapest. Well, the second thing to learn should probably be what lángos, pálinka and kürtöskalács are. That trio sums up my country rather nicely I think.


But back to lángos: it's a Hungarian food speciality, a deep fried flatbread. There are lots of variations, but most often the fried dough is doused with garlic water and it's usually topped with sour creme and grated cheese. It's popular all year long, and also a real symbol of a typical Hungarian holiday. Especially if you go to visit Lake Balaton.




Lángos and its variations are often sold around beaches, bus stations, fairs, and all over Eastern European countries on local celebrations and events too.


This was my first time making it, but luckily it ended up being pretty good. In terms of toppings I went with the my personal favourite (garlic/sour creme/cheese) and also tried the Slovakian version that has ketchup instead of sour creme. It makes it a completely different food, but if you prefer sweet, you will love it with ketchup. I still prefer the sour creme verison, but maybe I'm just biased due to my childhood memories.


By the way, if you are in Spain and you want to get sour creme, Carrefour is probably your only option. And even there don't expect a big variety. It's something that is very difficult to find here and I had to go through multiple grocery stores and supermarkets to finally get it in a Carrefour.


The last thing that I want to mention today is that Saturday was August 20th, which is St. Stephen's Day, the biggest national holiday in Hungary, when we celebrate the foundation of the Kingdom of Hungary by King Stephen. Festivals, fireworks (picture up top), a new Hungary's cake every year and loads more.


For this reason - and because we wanted to - me and Pier went out Saturday night to discover Paseo Marítimo a little bit better. It's a long promenade with plenty of restaurants, bars, clubs and people. A lot of people, maybe a little too much people if you go there on a Saturday night in the summer. Not exactly my favourite kind of place to have fun, but I'm sure most people would love it. Definitely give it a try if you are in Palma. Unfortunately the night ended with a real tragedy as we didn't get to Tramuntana to get some nachos. Very sad, I know. Maybe next week...


To read more about my year in Palma, check back a week later. But for now, that is all. Hasta martes!



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