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30 AGOSTO 2016

Sunrise pancake, sunset pizza


August 22nd – August 28th


Before going on a little vacation from the 5th of September till the 11the I'm here with the latest happenings. More about food, my Blog Guide, the sunrise in Palma, my first visit to a Spanish barber shop and a bit more. All that in part 6.

Monday morning is something that almost nobody is looking forward to after a nice weekend and that's usually the same with me, but the 22th of August was a little different. The reason? Pancakes! I love having something sweet for desayuno. It can be waffles, biscuits, cinnabon, a piece of cake, or the king of breakfasts, pancakes with maple syrup. In this instance I ate it with some banana and chocolate syrup, but that was more than enough to have a great start to my week.


The next day we had a meeting with the organization ALAS. Their main goal is to prevent new HIV infections and to take care of people who are affected by the virus. They offer psychosocial assistance, the possibility of rapid HIV tests and even legal advice. Other than that ALAS carries out awareness events and campaigns about HIV.


On Wednesday we finally returned to Cervecería Tramuntana for some nachos and beer. We also had a good discussion about our plans for the first 3 weeks of September, when we will welcome our new roommates and we will also have a few guests in Palma from our EVS on-arrival training that took place in Alsasua (Navarra). Very exciting stuff, even though it took a few hours to figure out everything for those days. Luckily now we have solid plan with lots of options to have a great time. :)

After an hour or so in Tramuntana, we headed to Cinema a la Fresca - that I have mentioned before – and watched a movie before going home.


The next day after long spending long hours working on it, I finally finished the Blog Guide that was my task for this month. Check out the link if you want to see how it looks like, but I bet it's a painfully boring read, unless you want to start an Acción Balear blog like this. In that case, I'm hoping it will be somewhat useful.


On Friday both Pier and me got a haircut in La Barberia Haircuts & Wines. (Shout-out for Xavi, for getting us appointments. Gracias!)

We were both very satisfied with the work of our barbers and the shop itself is really nice too. The option of getting gratis beer or coffee also helps their case when I judge them. Too bad it was a little early to have a beer.

After we left the barbershop we went to the Cathedral to take pictures like this. Because why not?



The next day as the weekend started I got up early and to the beach on my own to see how the sunrise looks like in Palma. And as you can see on these bad quality pictures (thanks Windows Phone) up top and under this paragraph, it's quite nice. Definitely not as pretty as the sunrise in the city though.

Sunrise in Palma


During the weekend I finally made pizza in the piso, but my first attempt was ruined by the lack of available spices and my lack of attention as I accidentally bought gluten-free cheese. But when it comes to pizza I don't stop until I get what I want, so next day I gave it a second try and with the right ingredients I managed to make it properly. After not eating pizza for 2 whole months it was pure happiness. :)


And that is all I got for this post. Next week, during my days-off I will be busy having fun and relaxing in the company of some awesome people, so expect the next (double) post to be published on the 13th of September. Until then, have a great end to this summer!

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