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August 29th – September 11th

After an awesome holiday I'm back to write about my newest adventures. Here is part 7 with the last days of summer, EVS guests from all over Europe who spend their voluntary services in various locations of Spain, road trips to the nicest beaches of Mallorca, a water battle and great memories. And pictures, obviously.


The days before our guests from the on-arrival training arrived were spent with work in the office and preparation (planning, cleaning, cooking, baking, etc.) at home. Then on Thursday after work, in the afternoon & in the evening it was finally time to welcome our first 2 guests.


On our first day as a group of 4 we rented a car and visited 3 great beaches on the southeast corner of Mallorca.

/ Cala Llombards, Cala Mondrago, Cala Agulla /





Next day we went to discover Tramuntana and the northwest coast of the island.

/ Torre del Verger, Cala Banyalbufar, Valldemossa, Sa Calobra /




The day after the group grew even bigger and for 6 of us it was time for the Canamunt (red shirts) & Canavall (yellow shirts) water battle, so after a little shopping and a coffee break we went to the Canavall gathering point to meet the other yellows.



After getting completely soaked in water thanks to our small 6 person and the other huge group, the whole Canavall team started marching towards Parc de la Mar. Then on the square next to the Cathedral we lined up to fight Canamunt. The whole event – including the actual “battle” - was great fun and I would highly recommend it to everybody. (This battle was only the second time this event was organized, but hopefully the tradition will continue and they will organize it in the upcoming years as well.)


On Monday (September 5th) we were back in the car to make another road trip and see the northern part of Mallorca too.

/ Cap Formentor, Cala Formentor and the area of Alcúdia /




The next day other than visiting Mariola's Bakery and going to Bellver Castle we also went to eat something on the night of Ruta Martiana. For this occasion you can check out a bar called Lemon Tree, where other than trying some delicious tapas, you can also play games surrounded by a nice atmosphere.


Unfortunately on this evening it was also time to say goodbye to 2 EVS friends who were visiting us. As I mentioned it in my first post after the training in Alsasua ended this part just sucks. And I'm far from a very emotional person. But for some reason only 2 weeks spent together (and some extra conversations on Facebook) are more than enough to create strong bonds. Which means that seeing these people leave will be sad. And it only gets worse as more and more people leave Mallorca. Thankfully the new arrivals and the presence of the people who are still here make it easier. And of course there is always the option to travel and meet others away from Palma. But more about that next week. :)


On Wednesday Pier had to start working again as he only took off the first 2 days of this weeks. Me on the other hand was lucky enough to have a proper beach day on Illetes with 2 lovely ladies. Nice beaches, sunshine, girls and pizza. You can't really wish for anything better than that. Maybe cerveza.


On the next day I took the group on a little tour in the city, which mainly included the area of the Cathedral and a long walk along the sea, passing the Consolat del Mar and the Es Baluard museum.

After we got quite tired we met up with Pier in Skalop for lunch. We knew about this place for a long time, but up until that day we didn't try it. And that was probably a mistake. The prices are affordable, the food was great and the portions are huge. Great place. While the majority of the group stayed in the apartment after lunch, three of us spent the rest of my day with walking around the city center and shopping for this and that.


Sadly in the next 2 days 2 other volunteers left Palma and we also had the first proper rain in the city since my arrival. It took 67 days to see real rain here and not just a couple of drops of water. No wonder tourists love this place.


On Sunday, the last day of my holiday we went to Sa Calobra again with the other EVS volunteers and then later our 2 new flatmates, Steffie and Malin arrived. Both of them will volunteer at Projecte Socioeducatiu Naüm for a year and so far they seem very nice. With them and the 2 other girls, who will arrive later our life will get a lot more lively (and probably more challenging as well) in the piso.


Overall these few days with the others were amazing, we visited some beautiful parts of the island including fantastic beaches and some great sights. We had a great time together with some nice dinners and we tried a handful of bars and clubs during the night. (There is one in Palma called “Sabotage” and it is great, try it!)


But that is all I have for this post, see you next time!


If you have any tips, comments or questions, you can reach me on Facebook, Twitter or via email: You can also follow me on Instagram to see more of my EVS experience.

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