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More visitors and things I do at Accion Balear


September 12th - September 25th


Another 2 weeks went by, so I'm back with everything that happened recently. More about our EVS visitors, the work in the office, Art Night in Palma and my first time promoting EVS with Acción Balear at the local university.


On Monday it was time for my first day back in work after my holiday. But before Pier and me got back to our desks to get some work done, we had to go with Malin, Steffie and Xavi to get our citizen cards. With that thing it's possible to take a bus ride and use the city bikes on a better price.


The next day all of our EVS guests who arrived on the 7th of September left Palma. But after we were getting used to our old work routine, on Wednesday it was once again time to welcome new people in the city.


On Thursday me and Pier visited Casal Petit with Maria Antonia. It's an organization that helps women to escape prostitution by offering them all sorts of help and a safe place. Their activities include classes for the women, help with job searching and preparation for a regular work life. Soon they will also host EVS volunteers.

Later we welcomed our last EVS guest. Another Ádám, from the same city I'm from, who went to the same high school as I did. And he was also in the same class as my sister (Shoutout to Csilla! :) ). Pretty crazy that we met here in Spain during our EVS. Small world.


After spending some time on the beach that day with the group, at night we went to check out Nit de l'Art (Art Night). Other than walking in the city and listening to some street music we visited an art exhibition and also we finally entered the Cathedral. It took Pier and me more than 2 months to finally achieve this goal, but we did it. Surprisingly the inside isn't as big as I expected by looking at the Cathedral from the outside. When you do that, it looks enormous, so you expect a huge inside too. That being said it is still very nice, even for someone like me, who has zero interest in religion.


The next day everyone from the last EVS group left, except Ádám. With him and my 3 flatmates we went to watch a game in the afternoon, then we went for a walk near the seaside. Before getting back to our flat, we went to get some pizzas from Palma Pizza, which is fairly close to our piso. And it was not only quite cheap, but also pretty good.



After midnight we said goodbye to Ádám, the last one of our EVS visitors (in September).


The next few days were all about work. Firstly – on Tuesday – we went to UIB (Universidad de les Illes Balears) with Xavi and Pier, where we had a table and 3 hours to promote volunteering. Basically during occasions like this any student can get information about EVS, Acción Balear and they can learn how to make the first steps in order to become an EVS volunteer.


During the week I was also creating PDFs (like this one) about EVS projects abroad that locals can apply for, if they are interested.


The last 3 days of the week were pretty uneventful, but for some reason I started to cook a lot of things. I made a spicy pasta dish, some arroz con leche and most importantly, pupusas. Pupusa is a traditional food from El Salvador and it's not only tasty, but also very simple to make, so even if you are not very experienced in the kitchen, you can give it a try.


And that's all for this week's post. No post next week as I will be away from Palma to discover a few places on the eastern coast of Spain, but I will be back 2 weeks later to continue to share my experience with you all. But until then, see you!


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