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24 OCTUBRE 2016

Late summer, dinners and a football game


October 10th – October 23rd


Time is still flying in Mallorca, so once again down below you can read about the last 2 weeks of my EVS. Preparation for the colder months, 2 special dinners, summer-like days, translating for hours and my first time going to a Real Mallorca game.


For a few weeks now rain is fairly common in Palma, but somehow I managed to avoid buying an umbrella up until the second week of October. Luckily though when it is a rainy day, the weather is still very nice here, but more about that a little later...


Both Tuesdays of these 2 weeks we spent a few hours at the university, where we promote the activities of Acción Balear with Xavi. During these the students can come up to our desk and get some information about EVS and summer camps.


Thursday night we had a dinner in Bodega Bellver with the girls from the piso, Silvia (the tutor of Steffie and Malin who works at Naüm), 2 other volunteers from Naüm and Pier, of course. The Bodega is a nice little place, where you can try lots of different types of llonguets.



Only two days after the dinner with the girls, we had another dinner to attend. This time it was Chinese food and with Maria Antonia, her boyfriend, Xavi and everybody from the apartment as it was an Acción Balear cena. Once again, great food & company and a fun night.


October 17th, Monday could have been a regular day with some work and the usual stuff, but thanks to the weather (sunny, around 30 degrees) it was time to go to Illetas beach after lunch and enjoy one of the last, if not the last day of this year with such fantastic weather. (Picture up top.)


On Wednesday and Thursday me and Pier were working hard on translating multiple pages about the summer camps in Morocco that Acción Balear organizes. While Pier was doing the actual translating from Spanish to English, I was trying to create the English version that makes sense as a whole. It was a challenge, took us 2 workdays, but I feel like we succeeded at the end. Big thanks to our flatmate Tatiana, who helped us out with some translating as well!


The last thing that is worth to write about in this post is a football match on Sunday. Thanks to Silvia - who I previously mentioned - we (Steffie, our Brazilian friend Anna, Pier and myself) finally had the chance to go to a Mallorca game at the Son Moix stadium. It was against Alcorcon and without going into too much detail it was an entertaining one with two missed penalties (one from each team), a red card (Alcorcon) and another penalty that actually ended up as a goal for Mallorca.





That's all for now, so I will just stop writing before I make this post unnecessarily long like I usually do.


See you next time!



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