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Clouds over Mallorca


Palma EVS - Part 11

October 24th – November 6th


As I start to write this part, fall has already arrived to Palma and my 5th month here has also began. Things and life in general are not as exciting as they were in the first few months, the “honeymoon period” of my EVS is over by now. But luckily there are good things too. :)


So after that slightly negative introductory let me explain why the majority of October was my worst period since my EVS started. First of all: the weather. I have to admit, this is a strange reason, because while the hot summer temperatures are gone, but the weather in Palma is still significantly better than what I'm used to in Hungary at this time of the year. It's not about the lower temperatures, it's about what you can and mainly what you can't do (be outside all day long and go to the beach). And also, I like fall and especially winter, I don't mind when it's -10 degrees outside, I love snow and almost everything that comes with the colder months. I think my biggest problem is that here the transition between the seasons isn't as drastic and therefore less exciting than it is back home. Palm trees give a nice summer vibe to the city, but they are useless at creating an environment like this when fall arrives:



I'm still very curious how the holiday period will be in Spain, but if I'm honest, I doubt I will like it as much as I usually do. But maybe I'm wrong and different will be better in that case, we shall see.


And now you – the reader – probably think that I just got to the point where homesickness kicked in, but it's not really the case. Sure, I miss my family, my friends, my dog, my home and keeping contact with people only on Skype and Facebook is not ideal, but just as I was okay with that at the beginning, I am still fine with the whole situation. And of course I miss certain things from my country, but that's also not the reason why my mood in general isn't as good as usually.


And that brings me to the explanation why I'm currently not on top of the world. It's basically the fault of time. Yep, time. Time that already passed during my first months as a volunteer. Those times, when everything was new and shiny and interesting. Well, those days are over. And obviously there is still a whole lot to experience, learn and enjoy during my EVS, but that doesn't change the fact that I arrived to a period that I was hoping to avoid during these 12 months. The period when volunteers lose their excitement that is there at the start of the EVS adventure. Even before my project started I read about the changes in mood that volunteers usually experience. At the start and towards the end everything seems great and time flies as you enjoy the place and people around you. But the first stage usually ends after a while when you get used to everything and I think that is where I am now. And before you start to imagine me in a sad and depressive state, I can tell you that's not the case. I'm fine, but things did change so now I have to figure out a way to get back to a better stage.


Thankfully there are a couple of things that will help me with that. A package full of goodies are on it's way from Hungary, we currently have some friends from Tarragona visiting us, a trip to Manchester is coming up and our EVS mid-term training is happening 3 weeks from now, where me and Pier will reunite with a lot of those volunteers we got to know during our on-arrival training. Also, we already have plans to celebrate New Year's Eve in the company of our awesome EVS friends. Everything seems to be set up for a great November and December.


And to finish this post off in a different tone, here are some things to give you some insight to what I have been doing in the last few days: for work I have started to create PDFs like this, I did some baking to make "nutella snails". I spent Halloween and All Saints' Day doing nothing, but resting and watching movies, then a few days later I went to the barber shop with Pier for a much needed haircut. And to end the weekend we went to the Mallorca – Zaragoza game to witness this goal, before watching the first North London Derby of the season on Sunday.


And that's about it, so see you next time with a hopefully much more cheerful post! :)



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