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November 7th – November 20th


It's almost winter, Christmas music is already popping up in the shops and I have just spent a whole week living with 4 girls. Also: better mood, more work, more experiences, more food & cooking, a package from home and some upcoming events. So, let's get into it.

First of all: work stuff. The most important thing is that I finished making the PDFs about future EVS projects that we plan to include in the Acción Balear newsletter that we are planning to start from next month. And related to this topic there is something I realized in the past 2 weeks. And it is the fact that working from home isn't as great as it first sounds. At least that's how I feel about it. While in the office I find it easy to concentrate on work, at home it's a different story. Although it's not impossible to get some work done that way either, but the distractions make it challenging to stay focused for hours.

At the start of the week the 3 volunteers from Tarragona were still in Palma, which was really nice as they made those few days more fun than it would have been without them. And thanks to one of them (Giacomo) we had some proper pizza.

And with that after only a couple of sentences I already reached my blog's frequently recurring theme, which is food. So let's stay with this topic. Recently I made some fried bananas, chocolate – banana muffins and a Hungarian dish called rakott krumpli.

I also made some progress to control my very serious guacamole/nacho addiction. I know that doesn't sound like such a big deal, but trust me, if you would have gone through as much guac as I did since I came to Spain, you would change your mind. Luckily the situation is under control and I only need one or two avocados per week to be able to handle the withdrawal symptoms.

Of course life just love to give people new challenges, so it's not surprising that after the guacamole problem ended I ran into a video of this simple flatbread pizza recipe. It's not just easy to make, but also delicious. Give it a try, but be careful, otherwise you will end up living only eating this thing.

On Saturday Pier left Palma for a week to go and discover Tenerife with a few other EVS volunteers leaving me in the apartment with the 4 girls. Some of you would think that's a great thing, others would say it's the exact opposite. For me it wasn't a big deal, the biggest difference was that the place became a lot more quite without our extrovert Italian. And just to make it clear that's not a bad thing, he is just different in that aspect compared to me, who is more quiet and introverted. At the end I think we are lucky that we have at least this 4 girls : 2 guys ratio.

Mondays are not usually the days people are looking forward, but last week it was a day I couldn't wait to come, because Friday afternoon I got a notification about a package that arrived to the office. Unnfortunately I had to wait until the next week started to actually get it. Other than winter clothes and my new phone, I also received some candies, chocolate, biscuits, teas, spices and some more food. Including some Hungarian things that are nearly impossible to find in other countries.

During the rest of the week I spent a few hours walking around the city and I also went to some stores to look for new clothes in order to have everything necessary for the colder months.

So that was the recent past and now let's focus on the future. On Thursday afternoon me and Pier will go to Manchester to check out the place and after we return to Palma on Saturday we will have a whole day to get ready for the mid-term training that will start on November 28th. It will last until December 2nd, but we won't come back immediately, because we are organizing a few day trip in Andalucia with a few other volunteers. Busy days are coming. Should be interesting. :)

See you next time!


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