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06 ENERO 2017

Winter Holidays


Palma EVS - Part 14

December 12th - January 2nd


A 2 day training in Palma, intercultural dinner in the apartment, Christmas away from home, beach day in December and New Year's Eve in Tarragona. These things and even more in the 14th part of my blog.


In the middle of December, after the mid-term training and the little vacation ended it was time to return to the office and do some work. But before we continued our routine schedule we had a short, 2 day training to participate in. It was about EVS and unlike the on-arrival and the mid-term training this time it wasn't only me and Pier going, but also the girls from the apartment, Maria Antonia and Xavi too. Another big difference was that it was in Spanish. If you have read my previous posts you know well that I'm not exactly the biggest fan of trainings. I do love meeting new people, having fun and visiting places I haven't been before, but the actual training part is something I can live without. And now let's add the fact that this was mainly in Spanish. At the end it was alright, I learned some things, but I was also relieved when the second day ended and I could return to the office the next day.


On the Friday of the same week we organized an intercultural dinner in the apartment, where the six of us all made something that is typical to eat in our countries. Italian, Russian, French, Austrian and Hungarian food with Maria Antonia and Xavi from Acción Balear, Silvia and Celia from Naüm as our guests. A great night overall.



The week of Christmas didn't exactly bring the typical Mallorcan weather as it was raining quite heavily on Monday and Tuesday. Perfect weather to bake some cookies. Luckily soon it got better.


During the last 3 days before the 24th of December we had plenty of things to do. In the office I was searching EVS projects to promote in the next newsletter. In the apartment I had some cleaning to do, I made sure I have everything I wantincluding the most important stuff: chocolates, candies, etc. - for the holidays and I made cinnabons. Just a little warning: in case you don't know what that is and being healthy is important for you, then it's probably better, if you immediately forget the word “cinnabon”. It's a cinnamon roll covered with cream cheese frosting and it's full of tons of sugar, butter and flour. It's amazing, one of the greatest thing you can have with your morning coffee, at the same time it couldn't be any more unhealthy.


On Christmas Eve I went for a walk in the city to took some pictures and write some messages to friends and family members back home.





Then I returned to the apartment to have dinner, I made some mulled wine and watched Home Alone. Because that's what Christmas is all about. Later we exchanged our Secret Santa gifts with Federica, Tatiana, Steffie, Pier (and without Malin, who went back to Austria to spend the holidays there).


The next day some of us had lunch on the rooftop, because after all the rain earlier that week we had lovely weather during these days with temperatures around 20 degrees. That also sparked the idea to go to the beach of Cala Mayor the next day and take a dip in the sea. Not a typical Christmas activity, but we couldn't resist it in such good weather. Obviously the water was not optimal, so we didn't spend more than 10 minutes in the sea, but it was actually a perfect day for winter sunbathing.




After Christmas ended we still had some work to do on the newsletter, so first we were working with that from home, then another day we went to the office to finish it. In our free time we visited the Royal Palace of Almudaina, which is right next to the Cathedral.




For the 31th of December Pier and me had tickets to fly to Barcelona in order to go to Tarragona from there. Unfortunately our plane was very early, so we had to spend the night at the airport. Not the best way to prepare for New Year's Eve, but we made the most of it.


The next day we eventually got to Tarragona, where we stayed in the house of Inês, Giacomo, Lina, and Anita. They are other EVS volunteers who all visited us in Palma before. During our vacation in September/October we have already been there, so this was our second time in Tarragona. Other than us they hosted other volunteers as well: Lucia and Mert from Alzira, Ádám from Madrid and Desi - who is also a volunteer - from Barcelona also celebrated the last day of the year with us. So we had a great group to enjoy the last hours of 2016 and the first few hours of 2017.




After spending basically the whole Sunday chatting, resting and relaxing we had still one day left in Tarragona. By Monday - other than the Tarragona gang - only Lucia, Pier and me left after the others returned to their cities, so while our hosts went to work we spent some time wandering around the city.





After we reunited in the house we spent a few more hours together before Pier and me left Tarragona to head back to Barcelona, spend the night at the airport there and fly back to Palma the next day.


And that pretty much sums up all that happened in the last 3 weeks. See you next time!



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