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19 ENERO 2017



Palma EVS – Part 15

January 3rd – January 15th

Back in Mallorca after New Year's Eve, seeing familiar faces after a long time, meeting some new people, celebrating Reyes Magos and my first 6 months of EVS. Also: work in the office, finally revisiting Cervecería Tramuntana and the not so sunny weather in Palma.

Although after our return it was already 2017, there were still things to celebrate:


  1. Spurs beat Chelsea 2:0.
  2. The 6th month anniversary of my arrival in Palma.
  3. Los Reyes Magos.


I will skip any further explanation of the first one, because despite making me very-very happy it is completely irrelevant to my EVS.


What is very relevant to my volunteering experience is the second one. Maybe it wouldn't seem as important if I was doing a shorter voluntary service, but as it is 12 months long, completing the first half of it seemed like a big milestone. It is my first time to be away from home for a significant amount of time and it makes my quite proud that I'm doing absolutely fine after 6 months. Obviously I get all the help I need here from the people around me, but still, it makes me happy that I achieved this and the first 6 months gives me confidence for the upcoming other half year.


Probably my only slight regret is that I didn't go back to Hungary to spend Christmas with my family. That time of the year away from home is just not the same. But if I never try it, I would have never learned that, so it was an extra experience. Having said all that, I still haven't felt homesick, I just appreciate my family, friends and a few things I got so used to back home even more now. And that's about all the negative stuff I can write about, otherwise I'm living the most exciting and interesting part of my life so far. Let's hope it will continue like this, or it will get even better!


The start of 2017 wasn't only special because I reached the halfway point of my EVS, in Spain it also happened to be a holiday: Los Reyes Magos, or as you may know it, the Three Wise Men/Three Kings.

On the 5th of January I went to see the parade with Pier, Steffie and her friend from France, Mathilde. On the streets of Palma we met up with Sara, Joan and their friend Emily. We got to know Sara and Joan in September, thanks to our EVS friends from Alzira, who visited us back then. It took us 4 whole months to meet again, but at least this time we spent 2 nights celebrating together.


The second night we were joined by another friend of theirs, Kate and we tried Roscón de Reyes (Kings' cake), a traditional pastry cake of this holiday. That night we went to BLVD Maritimo Club and although the place was almost empty we still had a pretty good time with the group that also included the girls from the apartment.

The next week was mainly about work followed by some fun at the weekend. The work part included the Acción Balear newsletter, some work on the big guide that we are creating with Pier and my usual EVS project searching, which by now became a routine task for me. As it is a pretty big part of my EVS, let me explain what is that I'm doing exactly. It's basically hours and hours of looking at websites and Facebook groups/pages that publish volunteering opportunities. During this I'm looking for those projects that are available for youngsters who live in Spain. After finding a suitable EVS I get in contact with the organization and ask for their permission so we can publish the project. If the answer is positive and I have all the necessary information then the project gets on the Acción Balear Facebook page, our newsletter, or on If you are here, because you are looking for a project and want to participate with Acción Balear as your sending organization, then these are the places you should check regularly to find projects.


After the workweek ended on Saturday we finally went back to Cerveceria Tramuntana. Although Pier and me both really liked this place back in the summer when we first tried it and we wanted to go there multiple times later, but somehow it didn't happen until that Saturday. This time we were joined by Malin and Steffie from the apartment. Great beer (I strongly recommend the Belgian Gulden Draak), nachos and some games in good company. Once again Tramuntana was fun, so we have to go back there again soon.


The rest of the weekend was quite uneventful, but on Sunday we had some hail and later a rainbow. Here is a picture of Palma when it's not sunny. Also rainbows are kinda cool, so why would I not show it to you all?

And with that we have arrived to the end of this post. See you next time, when I will bring you one of the best stories of my EVS about a day when 2 small choices changed everything. Bye!


If you have any comments or questions, you can reach me on Facebook, Twitter or via email: You can also follow me on Instagram to see more of my EVS experience.

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