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31 ENERO 2017

Snow in Mallorca - A taste of real winter


Palma EVS – Part 16

January 16th – January 29th

As I promised last time, today I bring you one of the best stories of my EVS, then write about the San Sebastia celebrations, getting “promoted” at Acción Balear and some changes and challenges at work, a birthday and at the end: Correfoc. And if now you are wondering what Correfoc is, then you have another reason to stick around.

The 3rd full week of 2017 started just like any other: after a nice, relaxing weekend I went to the office in the morning and had a regular office day there. Nothing special at all. Then it was followed by a Tuesday. As I previously mentioned it multiple times in my posts almost every Tuesday Pier and I go to Universitat de les Illes Balears, the local university with out mentor and coworker Xavi. There we spend 3 hours and promote Erasmus+ and EVS to the people who are interested and after 1 pm we leave. That day it was so cold that it was actually snowing in Palma, but although that doesn't happen often here it wasn't anything crazy, the snow that fell down melted immediately. So up until this point the day was going as usual, but as we were leaving Xavi asked us whether we want to go to Carrefour and buy food and drinks for the upcoming San Sebastia festival or go to Valldemossa, which is a small, but beautiful little village up in the mountain of Tramuntana. For some reason I had to make the call and I decided that we should check out Valldemossa in the rare wintry weather. Well, this decision had some unexpected consequences...


After a car ride which took about 15 minutes we arrived to Valldemossa and I was facing decision number 2. I had to decide if we should go to a café and have some coca de patata with hot chocolate, or walk around the place a little. I have no idea why it was me who had to make the decision, but as it was up to me I decided to first go for a walk and then later go to the café. Because why not both, am I right?


So after parking the car we went for a walk. At this point it was snowing a lot heavier than before and due to the lower temperature up in the mountain the snow didn't melt anymore.




After taking some pictures and having a quick snow battle we eventually arrived to the café and tried the cocas and the hot chocolate. A delicious combination! It was perfect for that cold afternoon. After we finished there we went back to the car to return to Palma, but as we tried to leave the village we found ourselves in a line of cars unable to move forward. After waiting for a while we realized that the line is not moving at all, so we decided to park the car and go to a cafeteria and wait there. We had to stay there for hours, so we had plenty of time to talk, play games, take some pictures and make a snowangel. They also had time to – jokingly - blame me for getting us stuck there by making those 2 small decisions. Of course all the blaming made the situation even funnier for me. A few hours later the line finally started to move and slowly but surely we were on our way back to Palma. At the end of the day it was a great time as I was able to enjoy the first and most likely the only snow I will witness during this winter. This experience made me realize something that I already knew; winter is not really winter for me without some snow and cold weather.



Another memorable day that week was Thursday, when everybody from the apartment went to Torrada, which is a part of the San Sebastian celebrations. (Saint Sebastian is the patron of Palma de Mallorca.) It's basically a barbecue with plenty of grills placed on the streets, where the people of Palma can gather, eat and drink together. It's a very fun occasion, if you don't mind to smell like smoke by the end of it. After finishing our dinner, we joined in the celebration on the streets.





The following week, on Monday we celebrated Steffie's birthday in the apartment, and at work it was the week of changes. First of all I got more responsibilities as now I'm not just searching EVS projects and getting in contact with organizations, but also publish and share post about the available vacancies on the Acción Balear Facebook page after Pier and I became editors there.


Later that week I also found out that I won't have to go and promote Acción Balear at the university anymore. I'm completely okay with that, because due to my lack of Spanish (yeah, I still suck at it) and the fact that I can't really work there without internet those 3 hours were not my most productive ones of the week. From now on I will have more time to get some work done in the office.


And the third significant thing related to work is that I had my first Skype interview as a volunteer. Of course I had a couple of Skype interviews before when I had job interviews and calls due to applications for EVS projects, but this was the first time when I used it “professionally”. And it was actually pretty fun.


I ended the week by going to Correfoc with the others. It's a fire run on the streets of Palma and it's part of the San Sebastia celebrations. During this event you can see a group of individuals dressed as devils and tons of pyrotechnics being used to the sounds of drumming and if you feel like it you can can join in and dance under the sparks. It's a really awesome and pretty crazy experience, don't miss it if you have the chance to see one of these. Here you can watch a video of it.



And with all that another 2 weeks of my EVS experience have gone by. In the next part I will write about not one, but 2 birthdays and something very important that is only a week from now, but you will have to come back to find out more. See you next time!


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