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01 MARZO 2017

Visiting the motherland


Palma EVS – Part 17

January 30th – February 19th

After 3 weeks since my last post I'm back fully recharged, ready to share what happened with me recently. The subjects amongst other things: birthdays, Superbowl, a cancelled flight and most importantly, Hungary!

As January was coming to an end me and all of my flatmates had to take a placement test in order to start our Spanish courses in February. The only exception was Tatiana, who applied for a Catalan course instead. Later we found out that everybody got accepted to start courses on different levels, but more about this topic in the next part.

From the last week of the month me and Pier also had to get used to some changes, including the most significant difference: spending a little more time in the office. With longer workdays it's even more important to take a coffe-break. 99% of the time we go to a cafeteria called A&M - or “Gregorio's” as we call it - which is about 2 minutes from the office. Very friendly place and people, great food and coffee. Absolutely perfect for a quick break from work.

And if I am at the subject of work, then I quickly want to mention that we made a new newsletter with all the current projects promoted by Acción Balear including one of my personal favourite EVS project, a monkey sanctuary in England. In general it's nice to find projects you can promote, but when it's a project you would participate in with pleasure it gives you an extra satisfaction. It's one of the best parts of my EVS.

During the week we celebrated Pier's 27th birthday and I wish I could show you all the present he got from us, but I don't want to be in trouble, so I cannot do it. Instead here is a picture from the office:

On Sunday, the 5th of February took place the Superbowl, the big final of the american football league, the NFL's last game of the season. Although I rarely watch this sport, but about 7-8 years ago I started watching the final. The only problem with this is the different time zones as here in Europe the games start after midnight and took about 3,5-4 hours to finish. So obviously the negative consequence is that you have to turn up in school/work the next day without barely any sleep. Luckily this year it was totally worth it as the Superbowl produced the biggest ever comeback with a New England win after it looked like Atlanta will easily win it.

After a difficult Monday and some rest on Tuesday it was time to celebrate my birthday, the 25th. It was a nice celebration in the office, in the apartment and in Cervecería Tramuntana, one of my favourite places in Palma. No wonder I already mentioned that place multiple times in my posts. I fully expect some sort of sponsorship from them in the near future. That day I also realized that by now my flatmates know my taste pretty well, because I received lots of different beers and snacks from them. Thanks again chicas and Pier! :)

2 days later I had my flight to Vienna to get back to Hungary for a couple of days after being away for 7 months. My flight was in the morning, so I had to get up quite early to arrive to the airport. To give myself enough time to get ready I wake up at 5:30 only to notice a text message from the airline saying that my flight has been cancelled. Not the ideal way to start the day... It was a very annoying experience and due to this I ended up spending 2 less days in Hungary as planned, but at least I managed to rebook a flight 2 days later and it didn't completely mess up my plans.

2 days after my cancelled flight I was finally able to leave Mallorca and after about 10 hours of travelling I was back home. After 7 months in Palma I was having a great time being back in my home country . Not only I was spending time with my parents, my dog, my relatives and friends, but I was also able to eat some proper Hungarian food. Spanish and Hungarian cousine is quite different and the latter uses ingredients that are hard to find in Palma, so making a number of meals that I'm used to as a Hungarian is either very-very difficult or simply impossible.

Without going into great detail and boring you to death, here are a few examples of the things I was eating during my visit:

As alcoholism is a major problem in Eastern Europe (luckily I'm not affected) it's hardly surprising that I was also enjoying some nice bevarages such as pálinka, a Hungarian fruit brandy and Slovakian Tatratea (a strong tea-based herbal liqueur), that I was trying for the first time. It tastes great, good job neighbours!

Although my birthplace Szombathely - the biggest city in the area - where I am from is not one of the hidden paradises of the Earth, but maybe from these pictures (and the main picture of the post on the top) you can see what's the vibe of the city around the end of winter:

And a bonus picture of my dog for finishing reading this post:

And with that it's time to finish off Part 17. See you next time when I will be back with more stories from the island!

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