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06 MARZO 2017



Palma EVS – Part 18

February 20th – March 5th

After returning from Hungary I get straight back to work, I start my Spanish language course, we celebrate yet another birthday in the apartment, we get some cool hats, we have a nice dinner, we enjoy the Day of the Balearic Islands, a new EVS volunteer arrives to Palma and I start my undesirable move out of my room.

During my way back to Palma I had to spend the night of February 19th at the Vienna airport to catch my flight early in the morning. Luckily that specific Austrian airport is actually quite comfortable, which was helpful considering that I had to get back to work shortly after landing. So, after dropping my bag off in the piso, having breakfast and getting a coffee, I was ready to start one of longest days at the office. At least it felt like it without having a proper sleep.

The next day I started my Spanish language course, which takes places in a nearby school every Tuesday and Thursday from 5 to 7 in the afternoon. So far I quite enjoy it and it feels very helpful to improve my barely existing Spanish skills.

Later that week we celebrated Federica's birthday in the apartment by having some snacks, tiramisu with some guests over. It's 6 of us in the apartment, but recently it feels like we are celebrating birthdays every week.



At the weekend Cervecería Tramuntana – a pub I mentioned at least a hundred times in my posts – left me no choice, but to go there again as they were giving customers viking hats if they ordered a specific type of beer.

So with Malin we went there and later returned with 4 viking hats. It should have been more, but by the end they ran out of hats.


We started the next week with a dinner that I had no idea was happening until a few hours before it started. After getting home from the office the girls were already cooking and preparing stuff and that's how I found out we have program for that night. Tatiana and Federica might have told me about this, but I simply can't recall that. But at the end it was a fun night with some really nice people who work with Tati and Fede at Amadip. Amadip Esment Fundació is an organization that is working to improve the life quality and offer equal opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities and their families.


1st of March was the Day of the Balearic Islands and because it's a local public holiday we didn't have to work, but instead of celebrating I kinda spent all my day with things I had to get done. (Emails, writing the blog and some other boring stuff.)


On Thursday I met Antoine, a new volunteer who will volunteer at ALAS. As the offices of Acción Balear and ALAS about 20m away from each other Pier and me will probably see him quite often. The same day we finished working on our most recent newsletter that you can check out by CLICKING HERE.


On Friday we got some new stuff for the apartment, because soon there will be a new flatmate arriving to “Palma Piso”, but more about that a little bit later. Other than helping to bring all those stuff up to the apartment, later I also went to do some shopping in the city to prepare for the better weather.


The next day I went out with Kate and Emily to have a few drinks and celebrate Kate's birthday. (You can read about how we met in one of my previous posts.) I had an awesome time with the girls at Hogan's even though it was a little challanging at times due to the loud music. Still have a lot to improve on my “pub english”, but I will get there for sure.


After getting home late, a lot of sleep didn't really help not to be tired on Sunday and the fact that I had to start moving my stuff out of my room made me a little cranky. As I mentioned earlier we will have a new flatmate very soon and when we found that out 2 weeks ago we were also told that Pier and me would have to share his room from now on, possibly until the end of our EVS, which is at the end of June. You can't even imagine how annoyed that makes me. Privacy and having my own room is very important for me so losing that would be already bad, but what makes it even worse is that I will have significantly less space to use, I probably have to stop doing yoga – which I like to practice alone - for at least a while. You could say that sharing a room with Pier is not that bad and in some way I would agree. Luckily we get along well and we already had to share a room in the first few weeks here in Palma. But if I had to choose between sharing a room with him or having a separate room, guess what I would choose... Not an ideal situation. One apartment, 7 people, no separate room, I think it will be very difficult.


So this is one of those few times when I finish writing a post in a bad mood, but hopefully when I return with Part 19 I will be able to look back at the upcoming days with a positive attitude. We shall see. See you next time!


If you have any comments or questions, you can reach me on Facebook, Twitter or via email: You can also follow me on Instagram to see more of my EVS experience.

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